"May the God of HOPE fill you with all joy and peace as you trust him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the holy spirit."

~Romans 15:13

Monday, June 28, 2010


I am CRYING!!!!!

After months of fighting, begging for help and hearing "You are the only person to complain"....

I just received a call...someone IS helping. Someone DOES care. Someone wants Lilah to have the services she NEEDS.

Bob Walls, president of Savannah Council for the Blind, just called and wanted me to know..."we have not dropped the ball on you....we are working hard for Lilah"


Thank you God for placing the RIGHT people in my path at the RIGHT time.

I NEEDED this today!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spinal Ultrasound

Another test today....

When Lilah was born I noticed her very bony bottom. I remember thinking, "Wow, she's got a bony butt. All the others were so chunky...look at her tiny hiney."

Well, that bony hiney has turned inward. I have privately prayed about this because I was afraid of the questions, comments, or...backlash. I also tried not to worry too much.

Lilah doesn't like to put weight in her legs. Her feet turn in more than normal (not pigeon -toed but bent feet), her legs shake when she's standing, and she has a small "dimple" now in her lower back.

This afternoon at 2:30 Lilah will be having an ultrasound of her spine.

The ultrasound will determine if something is wrong with her spine. The main thing our pediatrician wants to rule out is Spina Bifida Occulta. (click to read more)

I will admit to being somewhat worried. But, I want answers and above all...I am very trusting in the Lord's plan for Lilah.

If she does have Spina Bifida...we will figure it out. If she doesn't I will be grateful to rule another thing out. No matter what I will praise the Lord above for placing sweet Lilah in my care.

I am praying for trust and peace today....and always.

Monday, June 21, 2010


A little back story first.... when I met Aaron, 18 years ago, he told me he had migraines and sinus problems. I didn't quite understand how bad they were...many years later..I do. Well, a couple of months ago, after MANY sinus infections and more migraines than I had ever seen him have, he FINALLY went to the allergist. The allergist told Aaron he is allergic to...trees, grass, dust, pollen, cats, and much more. He said his allergies make his migraines worse. He told Aaron that our children's illnesses were probably due to many of the same allergies. The allergist said our carpet MUST go. Well, after the pediatrician and the ENT confirmed this and said, "Get rid of it," we took a MAJOR chunk out of our savings and...we did the work ourselves.

After researching and researching.....we got a GREAT deal....so...In 16 days we removed all of the carpet and put in laminate floors...just me and Aaron.

On the last stretch....the dust and junk in our home became too much...and Lilah got pneumonia.

During this time, I became quite brave....I removed almost all of the front foyer tile by myself. The older three cheered me on as I whacked it away. What a rush THAT was!

That gave me the confidence to attack some issues for Lilah!

FIRST.....I am fighting to get Lilah proper Vision Teaching. I have spoken with coordinators, other therapists, Doctors, representatives...and we are at a road block. BUT, I will NOT give UP! I have befriended Bob Walls, the President of the Savannah Council for the Blind. Bob said he will help me in anyway he can.

SECOND.....I am fighting to get Lilah all the therapies she needs. Today at her 18 month well visit...I couldn't put a check by any of the items she "should" be doing for her age. The Public therapists say "she isn't that bad" but the private therapists say "she needs PT, OT, ST, VT, O&M, etc."

As I fight and hit walls....I get frustrated. BUT...I KNOW why I am fighting SO hard...for LILAH!
Lilah deserves these therapies. She deserves to get services. Lilah deserves for me to fight until it kills me. I will NOT give up. NEVER!
Lilah begins Speech Therapy this week and O&M very soon.
Lilah is not cruising, nor does she like to put weight on her feet...and she has a "small" issue on her lower back...soon Lilah is having an ultrasound of her spine.
Oh, and today I went to the Congressman's office and I now have a case worker for Lilah. I am determined and I will not wave the white flag.
Change can be a GREAT thing....I pray these changes will help Lilah!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mama Bear

Last year when Lilah was denied disability, I wasn't sure what to do. Her therapies were increasing, our trips to Atlanta were increasing...AND....our income was the same...we reached a crossroads. What to do?

As a stay-at-home Mom of 4 young children what could I do to help our situation? I couponed, cut spending, we downsized, sold items, etc. We were still in need. As very hands-on parents, we wanted to be with our children, but also provide for them. Well...that need grew into the start of a business.

About a year ago, my friends encouraged me to follow my dream and start a very small photography business. VERY slowly, and very privately I began to learn and grow and follow this path. I know that I am not the "best" nor am I the most "amazing" photographer, but I am learning, and growing, and trying my best to do what I can to help my family....all the while putting a smile on the face of my clients. I may be a joke to some, and that is ok, but I see nothing wrong in honoring your family by trying to help them out. This has enabled my family to not struggle as much as we were. My number one priority, other than God, is my family. I will do whatever I can to help them. Call it that " Mama Bear" instinct.

My Mom told me the other day that "Necessity is the Mother of invention."

I called my cousin Keith, a fellow photographer, and told him I was frightened to do this and that I feared I wasn't adequate enough. After a great pep talk and his encouragement about me having an "eye" he said, "I have been doing this for over ten years, and I still have a lot to learn."

So, I guess my thought is this...we all have to start somewhere...and for some reason. My reason for starting was Lilah...and my family.