"May the God of HOPE fill you with all joy and peace as you trust him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the holy spirit."

~Romans 15:13

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Oh the places you WILL go...

 For the child who was branded at birth, this day was incredibly emotional for me...
 and for her.
 Lilah has worked so far to overcome odds. She has had the cards stacked against her. And she is well aware of the deck...
 But look at what she has done...

This morning I had a transitional meeting. With Lilah's Kindergarten teacher, SPED teacher, the Principal, her TVI, and her First grade classroom and SPED teacher.
I wanted to give them information about Lilah.
I gave them my "Lilah Bible" as I call it. Her medical history from birth to present. (All copies of MRI's, blood tests, Dr visits...you name it.)

We talked about her brain.
Her "labels" and how she has already overcome so much of what she was never meant to "do."

Then....a question was asked.

"What do you see when you think of her future?"
LONG pause.

"I see a fully functioning, independent adult."

The next question was...
"What are your plans after second grade? You need to think ahead because we don't want her becoming more defeated. Do you really see her learning Algebra?"

and that was it....

Full blown tears...

I said...
"I never thought I would get THIS child...."

And the room got quiet. And I further explained. As much as Holland is really hard. That these moments remind me of the dream lost for my child...THIS Lilah was never promised. THIS walking, talking, reading and writing, miraculous child.

I asked the team to remember that this child has come so far. That this child has overcome such leaps and bounds. That this child continues to surprise and impress the crap out of all of us. I never thought Lilah would be doing all she is. THIS Lilah was not promised. THIS Lilah is not the one I envisioned when she was branded at birth. 

Lilah's upcoming First grade teacher reminded me of the time I helped her when her own child needed an advocate.

Her First grade teacher said "I want to focus on teaching Lilah where she is and helping her grow."

I left that meeting having landed in Holland all over again. Having been reminded of the dream for my child that is lost. But more importantly...I am grateful for Lilah's team. As much as I push and pull and advocate for my miracle...I cannot fully explain my gratitude for them loving her and wanting to help her grow.

We have more work to do, my sweet baby. Someday you will understand why I push you the way I do. We have massive mountains to move, my dear... Let's get to work. 
All my love, 


Sharon said...

Katie, Kevin wouldn't even touch manipulables in second grade. Last I checked, my 7th grader has an A+ in math and is about to transition to a grade-level classroom for math next year.

DO NOT EVER give up!! Our miracles have come so far. And you have a whole army behind you in Holland.

~A fellow tiger mama

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