"May the God of HOPE fill you with all joy and peace as you trust him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the holy spirit."

~Romans 15:13

Thursday, April 21, 2016


For those of us who live in "Holland" the tulip is our flower. 

For those who do not understand what I mean, watch this

Tulips bloom best in places that have dry summers and cold winters. Tulips can take more than the average flower. Tulips aren't like most
Roses might be beautiful but have nasty thorns. Daisies might be popular and are found almost everywhere you go. Orchids are quite picky and might only bloom once a year, if you are lucky.
Tulips on the other hand....

they put up with more than most as they are growing. The go through cold, lonely winters, and then bloom best surrounded by others just like them.

Tulips are exceptional.

Just like my Lilah.

Lilah works harder than any person I know. Lilah is often lonely. (I see it written all over her face.)

Lilah knows when she is in a room full of people who can do more than she can. But, she doesn't give up. Don't get me wrong, she wants to. But you better believe that I won't let her. Ever!
Not because I don't accept my child for who she is. FAR from it. (and if THAT is what you believe than you do NOT know me. You are judging what you do not know and THAT is the definition of ignorance:lacking knowledge.) My job, my very first "job", is Mom. I am not a sit-back-and-let-you-do-what-you-want-to-Mom. No way. God gave me these babies and He trusts me to do that job well. That means He requires that I give my daily best of giving all I have, pushing, pulling, coaching, tough conversations, hard truths, grace, mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love.

Lilah's strength, her internal fire, is one I admire greatly. She has such joy. She has such beauty. She has such compassion. She has such incredible potential. When she is given the chance to grow, her brain the chance to process, her body the chance to push through the muck and dirt, her functional vision the opportunity to shine, she rises through that dark place to stand tall and bloom her gorgeous colors of HOPE.

My sweet, beautiful, strong, smart, talented, rock star, blooming-tulip....Lilah.

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Robbie said...

Soooo... beautiful. You just detailed not only what makes Lilah beautiful, but also what makes YOU beautiful. If Lilah weren't differently abled, would you have developed the strength to love 8 children? How about the wisdom to deal with ALL that creativiy? It is my privilege to be you Uncle!